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What's in it for my brand?

Boost Your Brand Awareness

Sponsoring creators' workshops, events, and masterclasses allows Startups to reach a larger audience, increasing brand awareness and recognition. This can lead to more customers and revenue in the long run

Drive Revenue Growth

Startups can position themselves as thought leaders in their industry by associating with relevant creators and their audiences. This can lead to increased credibility and ultimately, more business opportunities

Boost Your Brand Awareness

By supporting creators' workshops, events, and masterclasses small businesses can demonstrate their commitment to the community and establish themselves as socially responsible businesses This can lead to more customers and revenue in the long run

Foster relationships

Small businesses have the opportunity to establish a strong industry presence by aligning themselves with relevant creators and their audiences. By doing so, they can enhance their credibility and open doors to new business opportunities.

Be socially responsible business

Being a socially responsible business means taking actions to support and positively impact the community. By supporting creators who align with their values and mission, businesses can showcase their commitment to social responsibility and build a positive brand image

Foster relationships

Foster positive relationships between a business's employees and the creators themselves. It provides an opportunity for employees to network and learn from experts in their field, as well as to see their company as a socially responsible business that values education and community support

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We provide end-to-end payment system. Focus on the collaboration not all the work in between, we handle that!
Grow your brand with comprehensive analytics designed to track ROI per sponsorships
Search with granular filters to access the global audience. Federated search even allows members to go beyond the local ecosystem

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What does a business partnership with WiseSponsor involve?
WiseSponsor acts as your dedicated marketing department, connecting you with sponsorship opportunities that generate brand awareness and promote your services. We find relevant events, workshops, and masterclasses in your industry seeking sponsors and facilitate connections. With WiseSponsor handling the logistics, you can focus on your core services and products while we work to elevate your brand through strategic sponsorships
What if we don't want to proceed with the proposed sponsorship opportunities?
You are absolutely in control and you make the final decision. You can simply reject the opportunities without any consequences. We want to help your brand and audience grow, so we understand that for any reason you might not want to consider opportunities.
How much my business get charged in partnership with WiseSponsor?
You pay $0. Also, there is no hidden fee. The only time you pay is when you decide to sponsor some events, workshops, or masterclasses and the money you pay it goes to the creators/hosts.
What if I do not want to continue the partnership anymore?
You decide to opt-out anytime for any reason without any obligation. We respect your decision.